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reels for under $350 CAN

I guess my spending limit is around $350 CAN.I've been looking at the Redington LA reels.I already have a 9/10 AS model and love it.I've also been combing e-bay and several flyshops for clearance items.Does anyone have a recommendation to the reel weight I should be looking for?For a rod that size I figured a 10 oz reel would be in the right range.Maybe the Redington LA(or similar) in a larger size than the 9/10 would work?Any other models people could recommend? As for the lines I would like a "change-a-tip" type of system.I already have a Cortland Multi-Tip line that I use on my single hand rod.I really like the versatility.I will also be making some heavy shooting heads as most of my fishing will be on large rivers,like the Thompson and Skeena here in BC, for large fish.
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