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Spey Reels

You don't say how much you can spend for a reel but if money is tight look at the Magnum 200 by British Fly Reel. They are smooth and tuff. Michael and Young's fly shop has them for $129.00 Canadian ($81.00 USD) and Bob Carlson in the U K has them for under $75.00 USD airmailed to the states.
As for a line, you will find a great many opinions as to style (short belly-Windcuter type or long belly Accelerator ect. type) and weight that is right for a given rod. I have a St. Croix 14ft 9/10. I am using a floating Windcutter 9/10/11 and I love it. For tips I'm using the poly sinking leaders (Airflo) in fast and extra fast and I really like them also
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