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Welcome Jim!

8 to 10 wt will cover most eventualities up here. Some folks find 10wt a bit tiring so 8 or 9 may be the way to go. I use 9wt for just about everything. Try a few out before you commit yourself.

If you can make it, sign up for the casting clave in February (I think??). Last year we all brought a variety of rods in different lengths and weights to try. You'll find a really helpful and fun crowd. Also, Capt. Todd Murphy is a great casting instructor!

If your planning on fishing from the Yak most of the time you might want to consider a 9.5 or 10ft rod. The extra length will be useful when you're so low down on the water. I won't get into models of rods - there are loads to choose from. If you go back through the gear section of this site you'll find lots of opinions about different manufacturers and what constitutes value for money.
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