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100 Flies in two weeks

I am going crazy... And need a digital camera. I have been tying now straight for two weeks.. That is in my spare time after work into the eve. Here's a sample of the results.. A Hugh Sedotti Slammer, Cris Windram bunny eels, Epoxy bait fish with polar fiber in gray and tan---looks incredibly real---10, Whitlock's Bait fish.---several. 24 variety of Lefty's deceiver some with buck tail shoulders others with marabou.. Sand eels with epoxy heads with Icelandic sheep bodies...Angel hair bait fish--12.... Polar fiber bait fish tied high tie--20... all flies tyed in various colors... now will be moving into Crease flies and Squid patterns.. looking to do about 20 different squid patters... I am using three books.. Ververkas book,Saltwater flies: 700 of the best, and Saltwater fly patterns by Left Kreh.. after that Brown's Bone fish flies.. one each in his book.. All of these I intend to make a display case or two for CAC and will bring some to the Show for examples at the tying table... I will finish the project with the Deep eel and Rat's Ass. I am having a blast. I am anxious to share these Epoxy realistic bait fish..By using a corsar spreader..small.. I am able to get a good translucent silverside. I MUST DO MORE.....more......more

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