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Call me mr. double standard.

When I fish for steelhead, I never use weighted flies. I think one can move a steelhead to a well-swum fly and there is really no need given sinktips and all the tricks we have up our sleeves nowadays. I don't tie them or use them.

If and when I get to fish the Gaspe or Scotland's Dee / Spey or other legendary AS rivers, you won't see anything but my finest unweighted salmon patterns on the tippet.

When I fish for trout a beadhead nymph when fishing a nymph off a dropper doesn't bother me or make me feel 'dirty' but I prefer woolly buggers over beadhead buggers and dries over all of the above; for trout.

When I fish for bonefish, weighted eyes are used on the many popular bonefish flies and I think they are important. I caught my first bonefish in a patchwork of coral bits, turtle grass and sand and if the point of the hook was hanging below the fly I would have never been able to keep it out of the obstacle course the bones were feeding on. Two links of a bead chain don't make my crazy charlies jigs, although I guess they are jigs in essence. They are still flies to me, saltwater flies.

When I fish for stripers, I use a variety of flies to suit the forage I want to imitate. Lately I have been focused on the sand eel, which can be tied hook up or hook down. For hook down patterns I favor epoxy body "flies", for hook up I like an adaptation of a streamer and the crazy charlie design. I believe that chronologically Bob Clouser's deep minnow followed the Florida saltwater angler's creations, and that the deep minnow is based on the same principles as the charlie. Both are in wide use today, and although by steelhead or salmon fly standards they are indeed not within my personal taste threshold but for the eat-or-be-eaten world of the briny surf I could really care less about the elegance of the fly, and enjoy poppers, sliders, and other contraptions for fish that may require steel tippets to prevent their teeth from sawing off the fly in an instant. Using a fly rod for 30 pound striped bass is in itself a concession when conventional tackle for the same fish is a 12 foot telephone pole surf stick and a 3-ballbearing spinning reel with 30 pound test and swivels the size of black jelly beans.

I guess for me it depends on what I am going after!

Besides, the only truly unweighted fly is the one without a metal hook!
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