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Thanks, yes I agree smaller flies, size 6 and below are more effective except in high and colored water situations where I would use sixe 4 or 2s here in the mid west steelhead rivers. Reading about PNW fly patterns you get the impression that anything smaller than size 2 maybe to small for the PNW winter runs. I will be tying smaller flies on the larger salmon fly hooks I recently bought. These are 1/0 and 2/0 sizes. Wanted these for a higher sink rate and they do feel heavy compared to the size 6 and smaller mid west steelhead flies I tie for Michigan rivers. The problem here in the midwest steelhead rivers like the Pere Marquette (PM) is we are confronted with short deep slots to get the fly down into quickly to provide a proper presentation at the steelheads level. Water temperatures are in the 30s for winter fish, they will not move far for anything. There is a short period of drift in which to get the fly down into the strike zone. I have been using fast sinking heads for a long time with the smaller flies, but want to start trying the larger hooks with sparsely dressed flies for a faster sink rate. Have you read Greased Line Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead by Jock Scott, forward by Bill Mcmillan ? A Frank Amato publication. Great book on this subject matter. Recommend for all trout and salmon fishierman. It is a classic for sure.
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