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Thank you....

Thanks to those who responded to the poll. I'm working on an article about how certain paradigms have changed throughout the history of flyfishing and tying, especially about what actually constitutes a fly. It's interesting to see how attitudes and materials change over time......spinner flies were very mainstream from the late 1800s until about WWII. Of course, their departure from flyrods was due at that time to the advent of the spinning reel, but that's another history.

Tod, I just got my issue of Fly Tyer (a few days late due to my recent address change). I plan to read the article that you mentioned very soon. Thanks.

I think that John's post was very insightful and probably sums everything up best: it's a personal choice that eventually falls under local regulations. Well put.

BTW, the responses of this small poll are very much in line with what I've been learning at the flyshops, among friends, and in the recent literature. You guys are a very representative group!
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