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flies or lures

My humble opinon tells me that any non fixed attachment to a hook that will rotate about the axis of said hook should not be called a FLY. I am sure we have all Fished wiith Flashers , spinners and all sorts of additional hardware attractors but we at that time did not refer to it as flyfishing. You can throw a fly with a spinning rod with a weighted bobber , or what have you but it is not FLY FISHING We could use rods and line systems to propel just about any form of attractor man made or natural that man has come up with to chase fish with but in my opinion that is not fishing with the fly unless we tied that to the hook
I will also state that I have thrown the occasional plastic egg to the salmon and following cuthroat trout but have also felt a little bit guilty about using it but have felt no pangs about using a tied imitation in wool.

MY .02 saltRon
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