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Doc, a couple of 'construction' questions for you

Just because Joan has the box with all my "official" Christmas Tube fly stuff doesn't mean I didn't get an extra 'stash' to salt away and try my hand. (Joan's already in California so the mice will play when the cats away ...) Amazing what you can do with a nail, 4x hook cut off at the bend, etc.

Construction question: A couple of the flys you sent me were 'weighted' but don't seem to have been constructed on brass or aluminum tubing. What have you done to add extra weight to the fly? Or is there another way to 'skin the cat?'

Cost me a small bundle to get bags of different coloured Elk hair for the tubes but what the heck, you can't take it with you .... unless you've already tied the fly. Thinking about playing hookie tomorrow afternoon and hitting the upper Rogue to try some of my 'creations.' Joan would freak if I lost one of yours.

Vis a vis Banff I intro'ed Joan to Western Canada a few years back on a 3+ week trip; thought I'd have to tie her up in the car to get her to leave "our" Banff.
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