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And the $64 goes to the little lady in the balcony

First: Doc, that hurt, realllly realllllly hurt (but "ok" if you're offering :>) PS: to that: Santa's package is in the mail to you and Melanie. Joan wants to know if the "Banff" is the Banff my Canadian 'one' is named after

Anyway (light drum rollllll here). Game folks just called back after a 'confab' with Portland Headquarters and said tube flys are ok in 'fly only waters' as long as the fly meets any other requirement (like if wted flys are a 'no-no,' suspect a fly made using aluminum or brass tube would also be a no-no).

So there's the official word. Print a copy of this and have it in your wallet if the guy trys to give you a ticket.:eyecrazy:
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