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I (now) have two Cabelas CLA-3 (#9-10) Large Arbor reels. I believe that this product is going to be discontinued, so instead of ordeing an extra spool I got a second reel. This is a great reel; some of us have a sneaking suspision that Ross makes these reels, but we can't get confirmation of that. My only gripe would be that it goes not hold a lot of backing, but this is true of most LA's.

I also bought a freshwater combo, a 6-wgt Three Forks rod, a Cortland CLX #2 (cartridge) reel & a Cortland Fair Play line; all for $59.95. This was a greater starter kit for me being a freshwater New-bee. I was really impessed with the quality & action of the rod. I even had some of the more experienced guys cast it at the last casting Clave & everyone said it casted like a hegh-end rod!

My dad is thinking about Building one of those FT Kits that ArtB spoke of. Seems like a great winter project & a good way to save some Dough on a "custom" rod!
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