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Thanks for the input. Agree it is probably to thick for steel head flies, but streamer, salt water, and pike flies looks OK for. Now I have to get some larger streamer hooks.

I also have to find some pike areas to fish locally in Chicago area this spring. Know of one 15 minutes away that may be possible to fly fish.

Actually I thought of another potential use. Each spring the young 1-2 year old coho salmon come to the southern end of Lake Michigan since the water is warmer on this side. Also steelhead,king salmon, browns, and lake trout also come but the Coho fishing seems to be the best, you can hit huge schools near the shoreline if you hit it right. They are cruising in the upper 5-10 feet of water and are taken with trolling gear. I suppose that a big streamer on a sink tip could take them. They only average 2-4 pounds. My eight weight would be OK for that.

Just have to find a good location and the right day to do it. Fishing into the wrong side of an April Lake Michigan wind is not productive I can assure you.

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