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Surfing the web yesterday ran into this page on the Global Fly Fisher page I had seen before. By the way a great site I think. There is a picture of Juro in one of their galleries. Looks like a serious fly fisherman to me. :hehe:

URL will take you to a picture gallery of the Catskill - BeaverKill and Willowemuc riviers where I grew up learning to fly fish. Lived in Northern NJ which is a 2 hour ride from Roscoe, NY the town which was fly fishing trout capital of the east coast back in the sixties. I guess it still is now.

These pictures bring back some great boyhood memories of learning fly fishing and matching the hatch on rivers with great and complicated hatches. Spent many day on Hendricksons pool and Horsebrook run areas as well as all of the other areas mentioned here. When the hatch was on and you had the right pattern a 30 fish day was not out of the question. The river would just come alive with brown and some rainbow trout. A few brooks here and there also.

This is where I met Schwiebert and Wulff, not to mention Walt Dette and the other classic Catskill school fly tyers. This is the area Theodore Gordon, Hewitt, LaBranch, etc.. did their research and development, and then put in print for the world. The cradle of American fly fishing.

The Middle branch of the Beaverkill from Junction Pool downstream for a number of miles was I beleive the first no kill fly fishing stream section in America. Also upstream from Junction pool the Little Beaverkill and Willowemuc had no kill sections. I remember we fished it in the spring of 1967 on my leave from the USAF - Keflavick, Iceland, and it had just gone no kill. Still have the Super 8 films of that trip with some old boyhood buddies fighting rainbows in Horsebrook Run (one of the pictures)

If you are a trout fly fishing person you really need to say you have fished this region before you depart this earth. I went through it two years ago on the way to a family wedding in NJ, and did not look like it had changed much at all. It was in August at twilight when we drove through it on Route 17 and I was tempted to stop the van with the wife and kids and get out to fish. Of course I could not since we were late for NJ relatives. If I could I know exactly what I would use and where I would go.

The major trout rivers you can fish in this region are : Big and Little Beaverkill, Willowemuc, East and West Branch Delaware, Esopus, Neversink. From what I hear due to the conservation efforts started in the sixties in this region it is still fishing good and will be preserved for future generations most importantly. Some other states like Michigan, Washington, Oregon, California, etc.. need to take notice of the results achieved in the Catskills.

Enjoy the pictures and I will the memories !!

New York Catskill Region - Beaverkill & Willowemuc

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