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i'd be looking for Bill Mc Millians book "Dry Line Steelheas and other subjects" although no longer in print i know for a fact that The Madison River Fishing Company has 2 copies in stock
Haig browns works are also important to read. "A river never sleeps" is a great place to start but you should read them all.

Then after two other r books i'd consider are the are the two Trey Comb's books.

finially Micheal Baughmans book "A river seen right"

These books represent in my opinion the finest works on steelhead fly fishing. They are the dream of the crop get these books before looking for anything else. Thats my opinion anyway.

The Deke Meyer and Bob Arnold books they just don't do anything for me and perhaps thats why i never bought copies of them.

Remember everything you read in a book is only intended to guide you!! for the greatest possible personal satisfaction lean not just methodoligies but learn how to think about the river, the fish and their enviroment. Don't just take peoples tactics use their thought processes...
Only steelhead matter!
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