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Mustad - 3399 & 34007 Hooks ??

I have been tying this weekend and forgot about an old fly material tackle box my wife banished to the garage about 5 years ago I guess. I went through it today and found three boxes of the following Mustad hook types (100 hooks per box). Would like to put them to useful purpose.

I picked these up at an out door store liquidation sale 15 years ago and just forgot about them. I used them to tie Michigan king salmon flies where you lose a lot of flies due to snags and them breaking your line. Beleive they held up pretty good to 20 pound kings.

My question is are these strong enough for PNW steelhead flies ? They are too big for midwest steelhead fishing where I never use anything over a size 6.

34007 - O,Shaugnassey Turned down eye - Size 1/0

3399 - Sproat Tured Down Eye - Size 2

Thanks for any input you may have.

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