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I've tied extensively on the Regal, the DynaKing Barracuda Jr., and the Renzetti Traveller. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Also, each tier has their own combination of style, preferences, needs, and budget. So, what works for me may not work for you.

The Regal has it hands down in a vouple of dimensions: ease of adjustment -- there is none -- and hook holding power. However, inserting hooks, especially small ones, is dicey. If you don't get the hook far enough into the jaws, it will shoot out at high speed, and the jaws may chip. Nonetheless, the Regal is a real workhorse and is preferred by many commercial tiers. If you tie a wide variety of sizes you may need both the midge and standard heads, and the midge head is spendy -- approaching $100.

I did not like the Traveller, but I had mine prior to the introduction of the cam jaws. I found it to be fussy to adjust for different hook sizes (and I tie everything from #32 trout flies to 2/0 steelhead flies. I beleive there are better choices in the price range.

The Barracuda Jr. is a nice vise, full rotary, well made, great hook holding power. However, at $300+, it is on the expensive side.

My current vise of choice is the LAW vise made by Lawrence Waldron in the UK. The LAW can only be described as a luxury.

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