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With all this talk about odd stuff hooked on a fly, I think it would be pretty intresting to see who can hook and get a picture of themselves fighting the oddest animal.

We should try to stick to marine life though as I dont want to see Juro stripping mouse patterns across the house for kitty. I think I could agee with PETA, that that would be pretty cruel!! :hehe:

I did see Brian hook that bird on the popper and that was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You wouldnt think that birds could have facial expressions but as that thing popped to the surface and started swinging his head you can easily see a loof of "What the @$^%??"

I did hear a story that came from the sockeye bars of the Kenai. A freind of mine was up there fishing (flippin') for reds. He saw a fellow standing beside him chase a 'fish' literally 200 yds downstream. When the fish was finally landed. it was no sockeye but instead a Great White 5 Gallon Bucket. The massive current of the Kenai had that bucket swinging back and forth, taking blistering runs and head shaking.

What I would have paid to be there and to have seen that...
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