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South Sound Sea Runs

I went out today, this time to Olalla, looking for cutts. This time, I found them big time.

When I'm not chasing winter run steelhead or the weather puts a damper on it, I do the beaches. I went out tuesday. Here's my report:

The wind and rain built steadily until I left. I waded out from the beach about 10 feet, put my back to the wind and made a first cast directly parallel to shore (9-o'clock), another at 10 0'clock and a third cast at 11 o'clock. I pulled the popper back to me slowly in short strips back up against the wind waves. After three casts, I walked down 5-10 feet and cast again. The casts at 9 and 10 o'clock did the trick (the ones out from the beach did not draw any strikes). I got relatively few follows. Instead I got thrashing, violent hits that were made all the more dramatic by the wind-whipped spray. Most of the fish were beautifully colored male cutts, some with beginnings of kypes. When they came out of the water, they looked every bit like brown trout.

It was an awesome couple hours.

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