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Wives and Son's innovative ties

Hey Sinktip,

Bet you'll be a proud daddy when you're able to catch a fish with one of your son's ties (that is if he doesn't beat you to it<g&gt

Scott ODonnell, a Skagit river guide, once bragged to me that he'd taken a 20lb native from the Mixer just after we'd floated past him and his client on a cold April day a couple years ago. Caught it on a fly his wife had tied - "One of the butt-ugliest things you've ever seen on a hook!" as he put it.

He'd been showing her how to tie and had made the mistake of complimenting her first attempt.

She replied, "But you wouldn't fish it . . . WOULD YOU?????"

Backed into the proverbial corner, he boldly stated "Of course I would - in fact, it'll be the first fly I fish today!"
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