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Somewhere in the basement of my house lie three old glass rods -one of unknown vintage, an Arthur Cove 8' 5wt nymph rod and a Portman 9' 9wt which is to this day a sure fire recipe for tennis elbow! I bought my first graphite rod back in 1976 and by today's standards it would be regarded a "dog" - the line rating was 6/10:hehe: Well, years and experience taught me better. I once had the chance to play with some original greenhart rods in various weights. The smaller trout rods - 3-4wt were a delight. The line you used was irrelevant, the rod just did its thing and out flew the line. The bigger salmon class rods up to 18' were a different story weighing a couple of pounds when equipped with reel, line etc. Men were "Men" back in those days and you needed well honed biceps to handle those big old weapons. I find it ironic that a well made glass rod is today considered expensive. Yet another example of life's great cycle of mystery I guess
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