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If the fibers are very fine then you may want to consider the material's tendency to foul on the hook of a fly. I tied a bunch of clousers and some Mushmouth flies (juvie herring type of pattern) using EP fibers last winter and I learned my lesson this season. I find that the EP fibers foul far too often for my tastes. The material is decent when you place it in your patterns in such a way that it will not foul. But nonetheless I would not use EP fibers in any long deep eel variations.

So, tie up some prototypes and then swim them around in the sink and see how the new materials behave. If you think that the material will foul too often then save yourself the pain of tying 20 flies with it. They may be flies that you will never use! I hate fishing with flies that foul - especially in low light conditions.

Half of the fun of tying is experimentation - enjoy.

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