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It's interesting that there is such a range of usage for these human-powered craft modelled after the Inuit invention during modern times. I guess I'd be the Eskimo that needs to sling the thing over the shoulder and hoof it over the tundra to a primo patch of arctic char water. Instead of the long range hunter going across the pole for walrus.

Someone tell me if I am just imagining things here...

but I am envisioning a transport from one flats vantage point to another, with no issues portaging over long dry flats to find the right water and/or get home on time when the tides aren't cooperating. I am thinking about having no issues tethering the craft to the wading belt and stalking if I want to be mobile, and not really thinking about the fact that I have my ride tied to me. I am thinking based on the way I fish the flats that I will need to get into the thing with water that may have risen to waist level or more. I do not plan to fish from it at all. I want it to be anchored easily and reliably without carrying a big anchor. I can't wait to do the exchange program with Sean for my Buck's Bag river pontoon rig, which he can use in PNW rivers.

I know that everyone has different requirements but someone hit me with some opinions!
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