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Rip Squid

Originator: Juro Mukai
Imitation: squid
Hook: 3/0 - 5/0 depending on size of fly
Legs: curly ostrich plumes, marabou hackles
Mantle: nylon tube fly tube tied to hook shaft at bend to extend fly backward, hook is at head of squid. Legs and eyes tied to end of tube, body hackled upward and over bend of hook
Eyes: featherweight aluminum deep sea eyes, large w/ 3-d sticker eyes
Fins: Marabou hackled over and finished at eye

Cut a nylon tube at a shallow oblique angle so it joins with the hook shaft at the bend.

Place the tube in a tube tool and tie the tentacles to the end of the tube.

Tie in the eye above the legs. Make sure the eye will be aligned with the groove in the tube for the hook shaft.

Palmer dyed bunny or marabou feathers (folded) up toward the hook leaving a space to work with. Whip finish in place, put aside.

Mount the hook. Underwrap the bend of the hook with extra stout thread, whip finish, don't cut the thread. Lay the tube so it extends the shaft beyond the bend, wrap securely and whip finish. Secure with zap-a-gap.

Continue palmering the body up the tube and onto the hook shaft.

Finish with multiple shades of marabou or SW hackles for the fins.

This fly is very lightweight and can be cast effectively with a standard striper weight rod and line. I have done very well with it's prototype before losing to a blue. This was developed during the "cephalopod project" which was a mutual interest by a few members to figure out squid flies for stripers.

I will do a sequence of steps this winter and hope to test it further from Bruce Peter's boat this summer
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