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Good question! I will go look through mine and let you know, although they are probably the older ones. I'll let you know just in case you may have missed the oldies but goodies.

I'm sure the PNW gang can let you know about new ones from what they see on the shelves.

Deke Meyer's is an older reference style book, pretty good:

I also found this book interesting because of my affinity for summer fish:

Don't have this one (yet) but I will:

Man! What have I been missing...

Never mind... here's the WHOLE PAGE from AMAZON.COM

Wow, you've reminded me that I need to get some presents for me too ;-)

BTW - I got the Bates book on atlantic salmon fishing last year. There is a lot of valuable and pertinent information for steelhead in it. I especially like the content on Syd Glasso, the famed fly tyer from Forks WA. I give it a 10 on the scale from 1-10.
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