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fiberglass rods

Is the fiberglass flyrod gone for good?
With the advent of graphite, I see little or no ads for the 'glass rod.
I started our with a fiberglass rod.
A Fenwick. (yes I know, Mr. Orvis rod owned a Fenwick )
But I truly enjoyed my glass rod. I passed it on to another person getting into the sport of flyfishing a few years ago.

Maybe it was the "full flex" feel that enchanted me to flyfish only, not like the fast action tips of todays graphite offerings. Yes graphite is stronger; lighter, and smaller in diameter, but didn't you love your first fiberglass flyrod?
I might look for another one just to reclaim some of those past days-gone-by, and maybe, just maybe, I'll feel a little bit younger.
"Somewhere, over the rainbows. I'll cast my fly...."
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