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Historically, area closings are knee jerk reactions done in haste (redundant).

The upcoming meeting in NBPT has all the implications of effecting recreational area closings MORESO than it's effect on commercial closings - it is this scribe's understanding that CCA MA, of which I am a member , opposes the connection of any such closings of grounds to recreational pursuits, when combined with commercial restrictions.

provides no substantive information on when meeting convenes.

Further information may be obtained (depending on what has been discovered) by contacting Kent Jackson of CCA MA -

Personally, it is incumbent upon us all to show our concern and opposition to any closing which affects recreational harvest. We portray ourselves to be resource minded and, in doing so, should make that view clearly known to NEFMC. Argumentatively, we do not cause the same level of consumption or reduction of the resource.

I believe the window on this is very narrow (as this is written).
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