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The position of CCA is not to stomp all over the idea of Marine Protected Areas, "MPA's". But to have the abillity, and the right, to review the intended closures and the supporting evidence as to why the closure has been proposed. This is not a "not in my backyard" issue, it's a decision that we as conservationists want to understand and potentially support. Please don't fault the CCA for trying to protect the rights of fishermen, it's what we are ! There are some locations that may deserve this type of protection, Stellwagon Bank may be one of them, however, that is just my opinion, not neccessarily that of CCA.
We, at CCA, are a GROUP and therefor need the support of many to atain a voice loud enough to be heard, but, also, even to formulate our stand on these types of issues. My individual opinion may not be what we as a group intend, although I'll allways freely give it out (never been one to withhold them, just ask my wife). So, please, if you are interesed in these issues, WE NEED YOU, come to the next CCA-Cape Cod meeting.
It will be held at the OLD INN in West Dennis, 6:30pm, Tuesday, January 8th, 2002.
The speaker will be Tony Stetzko, with a video and slide presentation and his views on fishing the beach. Bertha will also attend.
In addition to the speaker, a lively disscussion will be had with regard to MPA's as well as an update on the ASMFC Amendment #6 to Striped Bass Management Plan, the NEFMC proposed changes to the Groundfish allocation, the new changes to CCA-Ma and the implementation of the New England Regional Director and Management Staff.
Also, a quick review of the newly installed officers as well as positions need to be filled, both locally and regionally.
Cost of dinner and speaker is $20.00, and bucket raffles will be held with some great fishing tackle and related items up for grabs.
With the Mid-cape location for this meeting and the prodding by the lower Cape guys, we're expecting a large turnout for this evening, so, Please call me to make a reservation for dinner as well as to attend the event. 617-543-8354. Before January 6th if possible!
Remember, you don't have to be a member to join in.
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