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Trick for epoxy eyes


The other day I was tying up some herring/bunker patterns and I was having some problems getting my pre-fabricated dry epoxy eyes to stick to my fly. That is, I was trying to stick adhesive epoxy eyes to the head of my fly (onto bucktail and a thread ball) before applying my own wet epoxy between the eyes. Per usual, I add the wet epoxy in order to secure the stick-on eyes and form a nice round epoxy head on the fly. I eventually got things to work out but I spent a few minutes trying to get the dry epoxy eyes to stick to the bucktail and thread. The goal is to get the eyes aligned with one another - which can be a pain. Wasted time.

The next time I tied the fly I wrapped some fine chenille around the head before attaching the eyes. This formed a ball that was smaller than the area of the adhesive epoxy eyes. The adhesive eyes stuck right to the chenille and the chenille soaks up wet epoxy when you dribble it between the eyes. All in all it worked out pretty well for me. A time saver and a better looking fly to boot.

Just FYI.
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