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I woke up this morning and as I was lying there in bed, watching the snow fall slowly out of my bedroom window, I started to think about pike on the fly. No real reason. I should have been thinking about snowboarding or some other winter sport - but pike fishing was on the brain. Not that I have ever specifically targeted pike. I did get the Nantucket Sleigh Ride from a pike once while fishing from a little rubber raft in one of Maine's Belgrade Lakes. The Sleigh Ride - maybe that is why the snow reminded me of pike.

I know a guy in Southern NH that once told me about some excellent spring time pike fishing in NH. I will dig up the e-mail that he sent to me sometime soon. Maybe he will share more info with me.

Anybody up for a Pike Clave?

I vow to give it a shot this spring. All I know is that the pike apparently spend time in the warmer shallow water soon after ice out. From what I have heard - the month after ice out is the best time to chase them with the fly. If true then that is a good deal because the schoolies probably will not have made it too far North at that point in time.

Pike Clave!

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