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When did Mr. Schwiebert pass away ? I missed that. Met him in the late sixties while fishing on the Catskills Beaverkill River for trout. Great guy, gave me some good tips. Have a couple of this books. He grew up in Chicago, learned fly fishing on the Michigan waters I now primarily fish. Wrote some great short stories on fly fishing for steelhead in Michigan and on the Pere Marquette (PM) River particularly. His book the "The Complete Schwiebert" Truman Talley Books, has some great steelhead and salmon, trout flyfishing stories. One short story in particular "Portrait of the Pere Marquette" is very emotional for me, having fished all of the areas he describes in this story. Many other great fly fishing stories in this book. Highly recommended, for fly fisherman world wide.

Sad two of my boyhood fly fishing idols now passed Lee Wulff and now Ernest Schwiebert.

Also met Lee and Joan Wulff at their fly shop iand fishing school n the Catskills in the seventies.

Actually I do not know who my fly fishing idols are now.

Any one have any idea who they are these days ? Must be highly knowledgeable, well travelled, all aspects of fly fishing world wide, and an excellent oral and written communicator who advocates the history and preservation of the fly fishing sport.

Both Lee and Joan Wulff and Ernest Schwiebert met that criteria I believe.

But who is it now and for the future ?

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