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One of things I considered when regarding Pungo's before I bought my Manteo:

1. Big cockpit is great for all sizes getting in & out. Regular cockpit isn't that tough.
2. Paddling through any kind of surf, you're going to get wet.
3. A wet exit wearing a spray skirt and all your other gear is not a big deal but, still a pain in the butt.
4. A huge spray skirt is going to be much harder to move around in the water with after a wet exit.

Conversely (sp?) look at JimW's experience pumping out his yak after slamming through the surf in Rhodey - no big deal for him but something I wouldn't want to deal with.

Of course, my intention in buying a yak was to get from point A to B as fast as possible in any surf condition. If you're intending to be out trolling and fishing from a yak, then the Pungo is most probably the best ride for you.

Just food for thought.
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