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Not to backtrack but...

Any organization is biased in some way, thus the ability and need to organize. The more organized things become, the more apart the group becomes from being "the people".

This concept of "the people" is interesting. 10% of the time it's the most important human concept on Earth. But at the same time it's also everyone, no one, everything and nothing and 90% pure propaganda. I'm not sure you can equate organizations and "the people".

Government is an organization, and if nothing else it's tangible, structured, sanctioned and essential. It's "the people's" job to keep government from stabbing us in the back - and it's the government's job to keep us from shooting ourselves in the foot. I think the national park system was a pretty good example of that.

I think commercial species exploitation and industrial habitat destruction are good examples of the people needing intervention. Goes both ways I guess. I hope the balance holds.

I think the CCA is a perfect example of that balance.

Originally posted by Roop
You can't tell me NPR is an unbiased source.

Let's look at what they want to stop - ALL FISHING. Why?

Remember that CCA made it's name by bringing back the redfish from near extinction. Why can we not be trusted as sportsman (let's not address the commercial issue right now) to be responsible for the protection of an area or species?

It would seem to me that CCA has a better track record in species protection and propagation than the federal government.

Of course, I also believe that the government was created to serve the needs and wishes of the people - not tell us what to do.

Crazy huh?
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