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I admit that NPR is akin to WGBH-the height of the "Harvard Bow Tie" crowd leaning to the left. They nauseate me at times too, but other times they go in depth while the rest of the media does sound bites and Jerry Springer-esque sensationalism. But that had no bearing on my fair assessment of the piece.
They were a bunch of scientists reporting data. It was dry.
I don't think we as sportsman have the resource to manage the whole east coast right now either. Here in Mass. everyone you talk to wants a higher limit than 28" for Stripers. Many favor adding 8" to that total (36"). Your almighty CCA can't evan pull that off because of lack of action by it's members and strong political lobbys and other Ma. state pol shenanigans.
When we as a group turn a deaf ear to the Marine biology community we all loose. I find it actually rediculous that anyone would fear us loosing our fishing rights. There is 1500 miles of coast line in this state alone. Fishing is the #1 most done sport in the country. If they evan tried to overdo it without sound science, they would be strung up, and I'd be first in line for that action committee.
As an example look at the hunting situation in Ol' Liberal Mass. People still hunt. Towns stop it only when the houses get too close together. Killing a warm blooded animal with bullets that could kill humans accidentally is way higher on the scale of the wackos in terms of importance than fishing, yet here in Liberal Ma. hunting persists(which I personally would defend hunters right too). Point is: if they can't stop hunting of warm blooded animals in Mass. how the hell do you think some small enviro-wacko group is going to shut down fishing in say Fla.? (a multi billion $$ recreation) No way.
Right now they are experimenting and we can afford the space. The world is polluted and the resources are abused, or overused. We should accept the help and be involved with them so we can keep an eye on them. Show me where PETA is behind this. I'd like to know if they are( or any other similar group)I don't see it.
I still haven't found out who, or what group, wants to stop ALL FISHING. You talk about sound science, well who is the group (besides PETA) and what is their interest in the NO Fishing zones. Let's get scientific about that. All I'm hearing are generalities to date. Who are they?


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