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I heard that report also and would agrue that no reference in that article or any other I've heard on NPR advocates banning fishing. All the article stated was that in areas that were closed- generally parts of offshore banks or in the case of the Kennedy Space Center as a security zone- and monitored as to the rates of fish recovery. They took the data collected from several areas that had been closed, reasons for which weren't the topic of the report, and simply stated that as the populations recovered within the restricted zones populations of fish adjacent to the reserves showed marked increases also. This was believed to be because as more dominent fish set up shop in the prime feeding and breeding areas, less dominent fish were forced outward as populations and competition for real estate increased.

What I didn't hear was a general anti/peta/skunk hugger call to close more chunks of ocean to fishing. The idea that perhaps strategic closures of certain productive nurseries may be an asset in helping to increase fish stocks across the boards was suggested. However, not before more science and input from the researchers and fisherman. There may have been some arbitrary closures in places but to date none of them effect access for inshore flyfishing as much as the monied gentry do in places like many of the high brow towns on the Nw England coast.

As a side I was training in Atlanta last year and one of the guys in my class was a service tech on equipment at Kennedy Space Center and had clearence to fish in the security zone established off shore. He says it's the best saltwater fishing he's ever seen on the Florida coast

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