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I live in WA.
I belong to CCA and, by default, am assigned to the MD Chapter.
CCA covers the waterfront from ME to TX.
Why they are not present in CA, OR or WA is beyond me; we can certainly use their intervention on many issues here.

I'm truly confused over Marine Protective Zones. WDFW established one last year here in Puget Sound and, on the table for this year, is establishing 4 more. To me, it seems these are being established in a very arbitrary manner. The one they established last year is just outside and to the North of Gig Harbor to protect the "bottom fish." Nobody fishes for bottom fish in the area they protected that I know of. It is a great spot for scuba divers, however.

If there's science to back up establishing these zones, then I more than likely would support it. Butl, to date, they seem to be getting a foot in the door to prevent sportfishing. I''ve not seen ANY data to support establishing them.
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