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Most definitely, keep an open mind. However, also try to read between the lines, ask yourself, whats missing? When you read about the 20% of the area that someone (lets ask who) wants to close,keep in mind that if you close off all state waters from Maine to Texas( as was discussed at the CCA-MA executive meeting last night ) based on the total area including all federal waters, Thats not quite 20%. So, ask yourself, when someone wants to create new rules and regulations, can't we be specific, let's understand the entire story, let's not allow something that can blow-up in our faces.
The CCA is all about conservation and preservation, so tell us why the closure is needed and how it will produce the results it was intended to produce. Yes, closing off some areas will provide sanctuary for breeding stock and baitfish, but let's understand the purpose and the potential benefit before we agree to something we don't understand. And once we see how and where the closures will take place as well as for how long, we might just support them.
Speaking for myself only, I could never agree to closures or limits unless I understood the whole story. Lets see the whole story!
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