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Funny thing is I was testing some searches on Lycos when that popped up, and I thought... hmm perfect reason to post the link! Glad you liked them, I can't wait to check them out.

I appreciate your comments on the inflatables but one of the advantages for the very light weight is the ability to avoid dragging on sand where the heavier plastic yaks require it when the tide goes out. I also plan to not fish from the yak, so hook penetration is no more an issue than anything else. I rowed a whitewater inflatable for years and never even came close to a hook puncture so feel pretty good about it.

I guess it all depends on what one wants to do with the thing. I want something I can use to get to the outer shoals and others sides of inlets and not have a burden to bear while I'm out there. I am even going to look at those silly little 15 pound deals just in case I want a reel + that oneman yak toy instead of a high end yak. probably won't work out but I know what I am looking for and it's a shoal-shuttle, not an ocean voyager. Heck I could bring that on the Rip Ryder and skip the long paddle! I could carry it up and down stairways and steep banks, parking lot rails and backyard fences ;-) I could make a pair of shoulder straps and wear it like a backpack, and tether it with a nylon rope to my wading belt while I stalk the flats. Who knows - not I at this point.

I could be all wet but I am thinking unconventionally until proven otherwise, trying to see the other side of the coin. Best lesson I ever learned from my mom is that what's not intuitive is sometimes the best answer.

Of course she was saying this to me in a different context, to convince me to find alternative solutions to common dilemmas... as I sat nursing a bloody lip after failing to give in to a bully on some trivial argument.
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