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More on Closed Fishing Zones

Yesterday on the way home I heard a piece on NPR about the latest on these off limits to fishing areas. All I can say as an observer listening to the piece is this:

1. The marine science sounded professional and solid.

2. There was not a hint of anti fishing, in fact, the scientists were pro fishing, both comm and rec.

3. To support their theories they sighted how there is a 40 mile zone by Cape Kennedy closed for NASA rocket launch security for many years. The areas adjascent to it have yielded world records in sport fishing for Red Drum and a couple other species.

4. There are currently 14 such zones in the US waters and many over seas. Australia was given as a case where these things have worked.

5. The main thrust was to make more fish for harvesting not some wacko PETA-esque campaign.

Here is one other side of the coin I found today on the front page of the BBC:

I know which way I starting to lean on this issue, but I will certainly keep an open mind.

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