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WARNING: Philosophical late night waxing!

Now pls don't take this wrong, you know I appreciate everybody's contributions and no one should judge anyone else who is acting within the regulations, but my personal opinion on indicators and weights on the leader is that they halt my learning curve at the level of drift fishing or bobber fishing (minus the cast itself) and I won't have that, no sir.

And heres why:

I once read an ad that challenged 300 fishing days left in life... make them all count with "some brand". Made me really think.

Now by my quick math and a wishful ripe old age prediction I am prone to get 650 or more in before I move on to the happy dry fly river in the sky, but that still ain't much!

I guess my philosophy is that with the days I have left, I'd like to reach the highest level of proficiency possible with the fly rod. The number of fish I catch is only a measurement along the way, not the goal itself. I don't expect anyone to agree or disagree with this philosophy, afterall it is a personal philosophy. But that's why I won't put a weight on my leader or a float on my line, I won't scent a fly or revert to spinning gear or bait or whatever for a species I can catch on a fly because when I do I squander that day to move ahead on my lifelong journey toward flyfishing nirvana.

649... 648... 647...
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