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Re: when weighted flies are not heavy enough... fly rod sinkers

Originally posted by mayflyman
What I do to get the fly down quickly without the aid of a sinking tip fly-line is this...
I made a sinker for my leader.

It's made like this:
1. Put a needle or a strong hook (without the eye) in your vise.
2. Coil a heavy gauge copper wire {never lead} along the hook/needle length.
3. Pull wire off needle/hook and trim tag at both ends flush. (you can coat the copper with an non-toxic epoxy resin if you wish)
4. Thread heavy monofilament (.021 or .019) through the copper coil.
5. Tie your favorite loop knot at each end of mono as close to the copper coil as you can get it.

To use this sinker system, I have a loop-to-loop connection at both butt and tippet section of my leader. (This makes tippet changing a breeze) I just use the interconnecting loops to splice in the sinker section between tippet and leader. It only adds three or four inches to your starting leaders length.

You might check out your fishing regulations in the area where you are fishing as adding weights to your line in some fly fishing only areas is classed as an inditable offence saltRon
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