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Question Backing Diameters

Something I found interesting or just finally took the time to read.

The new Abel catalogue references differences in diameters of backing increasing capacity of the spool:

"To determine the greater backing capacity with either 50-pound Spectra or SpiderWire, increase the capacity 60% when substituting for 20# Micron, 100% for 30# Micron. Remember the various colors of Micron have different diameters. White is the thinnest, followed by yellow and the thickest, chartreuse. S.A. white Dacron backing is 10-15% smaller diameter than white Micron."

If this is true, I could rig a few of my spools with either Spectra or SpiderWire and be able to use them for anything from stripers to bones to tarpon. My capacity would change from 250 yards to 500 yards !?!

Anyone have any experience with these alternatives for backing?


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