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Congrats Mark!

I am still undecided. I'm going to review inflatables before going with a conventional kayak. I guess I am not really a kayak enthusiast, just need a ride to the outer shoals and islands. I'd just stick with my pontoon boat if it could make headway in current, but they are designed for floating down whitewater current and that's about it. Really great for launching and landing in the surf though. You can get in and out of it with ease even in deep water because it's two pontoons one on either side. Once again I am not interested in fishing while sitting down and not really into fighting big fish from a fixed seated angle so it's purely transport for me, personal preference.

I wish they made an inflatable kayak that weighed nothing and had a clever rowing frame built into a hole in the middle so you could literally pick it up and plop it over your head, coming up in the middle. Then a little muscle-up like the old parallel bar days and you are in the cockpit ready to row. Of course that hole would put drag on the bottom contour of the vessel, so you could do something like a skirt or something that can be opened up. Hull design could compensate for it I'm sure.

My point is that kayaks are made with rowing in mind, and I only care about rowing because it gets me somewhere. Once in the area, I want to be able to move from spot to spot to spot without any fuss or muss. For me a skirt is out of the question. I guess I really want something with the in/out ease of the pontoon boat but with more current slicing ability.

Maybe what I really want is an old tin boat with a 20 hp and a mik jug full of mortar for an anchor!

Search continues...
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