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Chris -

I really hope I hook up with you next summer at Neah Bay. We used to stay at Big Salmon, is Al Seda still running it? Of course his daugthers were sure great to talk to. Something about a gal with hoochie earrings that could man the gaff as well as any man could on a Swiftshure halibut charter.

Anyway, we'd usually hit Greenbank, Duncan Rock, around Wadah if we weren't heading across. Eventually it we'd just head straight across to Swiftshure.

One day on the Bonilla/Tatoosh line the Canadian purse seiners were hard at it and there was a hard incoming tide running. We saw the birds going absolutely crazy about 100-300 yards west of the boundary so headed over to investigate. The seiner's "wall of death" had caused the salmon hordes riding the tide to back up like a downtown traffic jam and it was the biggest concentration of salmon I have ever seen and I am sure that I will ever see again. Just as we never seem to know what the back-ups caused by up ahead, the salmon didn't know either but were in a frenzy of feeding as bait also got pushed by the tide into this mass of emerald and silver bodies being held up by the carnage ahead. These concentrated salmon were boiling the water as they fed and the fishing was so intense we actually moved on to find more challenging water after several coho each, one weighing in the 16-17 # class. As we motored away, the thought of carnage that so many (dozens if not hundreds it seemed) purse seiners barricading the strait lingered in my mind. The irony of the salmon in a feeding frenzy as their brethren are meeting their end by the masses just ahead.

The might and magnitude of the ocean only makes me respect the coho more. The pacific northwest seas are truly amazing. The toughness of these salmon and steelhead as they venture fearlessly into the great blue beyond blows my mind.
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