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when you were bobber fishing the rip, were you finding any decent sized silvers? like i mentioned, i was surprised with how small the silvers i saw being landed in mid-october, and was wondering if that was normal or just coincidence on the day i happened to be there.

maybe next october after i get the boat put away i'll run over there for a few days and see about catching a few more silvers, especially if there's legitamate shots at some fish over 8 lbs.

i can just picture how swinging a popper across those heavy currents would work.

it was also interesting to me when one of the guys cleaning the salmon showed me some tiny little sticklebacks the coho were eating (at least that's what i thought they were... because they definetely weren't herring or sand lances). gonna have to downsize my clousers from the long ones i usually fish at neah bay.

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