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That cold water hatch story reminds me of the March Brown (R. Haarupi) hatches which occur in the early spring on the rocky streams and rivers of the UK. For several seasons each April we took a week on the Teviot, a tributory of the Tweed to fish primarily for Sea run Brown Trout and Grayling. April in Scotland can be quite cold but the best hatches would occur when the wind started to howl down from the North. The colder it got and the harder it blew, the more intense the hatch would become and the erstwhile lifeless river would boil with rising trout - some of a good size to around three pounds. As the wind dropped and the temperature started to rise, the hatch would die off and the trout would simply disappear.

Midges can certainly get big. In Eire they have a large black midge called the Duck Fly - up to 1 inch in length - which is responsible for some spectacular rises on the western lakes.

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