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Originally posted by topwater

on a side note, i was doing some family stuff that entailed a drive up whidbey island and we stopped at fort casey during the strong ebb current (running out of the sound). i stood on the bluff looking at that rip and it looked like picture perfect coho water. we walked down to the beach and talked to the bobber fishermen who were catching a few small silvers (biggest looked to be about 6 lbs... this was mid-oct.). does anyone flyfish this rip for silvers (shore or boat) and how do you do

I am one of those bobber fisherman and let me tell you that when the tide runs along Ft. Casey, the rips-which are within 10-150 ft of shore-just get stuffed with coho. They are well within casting distance and when the tide is screaming, I can not go a cast without catching a fish. Have not fished it with the fly but next year is the year. I am going to force myself to fish it with the fly and I seriously believe I wont have a problem, could also probally do really well on poppers. I cant wait!!!
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