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ron, good idea. i fish for salmon offshore of neah bay, washington. the best thing about saltwater fishing for salmon is the variety of places to fish. i prefer going way offshore due to the sheer numbers of fish on and near the offshore banks, but i am interested in reading and hearing about the shore fishing and inside fisheries like clayquot sound, puget sound, sekiu... although i personally am not as interested in non-feeding estuary salmon.

hopefully the next salmon season shapes up to be as good (or at least close) to as good as this past season. nothing like an ocean salmon blitz (to steal an east coast striper term <G>) to get the blood pumping.

newsflash, this may seem nitpicky... but calling all saltwater salmon fishing "ocean" fishing is imo not quite accurate. i've fished for salmon in the strait and puget sound... and the ocean is a whole different world. don't take it too seriously though, because putting together good information on both the inshore and offshore salmon fisheries can only benefit those who want to partake in these fisheries, and the inshore fisheries are much more approachable for most fishermen, due to the calm water (most of the time <G>), shallower water, and the fact that boats aren't essential and if they are, small kicker boats will usually suffice, plus heavy sinking lines are not usually needed.

i also hope that most of the techniques discussed are on casting flies, and less on bucktailing. of course, there's a strong tradition of bucktailing in the northwest, but i'd like to think that a board and articles filled with information can help people have confidence in casting flies first. i have found that i have more confidence in casting flies to find fish than bucktailing to find fish... hell, i had some guys on my boat mooching for silvers on a real slow day and i wanted to uncork the flyrod just to see if there were fish around (and yes, once i thought about it i felt silly thinking about the 3 spinning herrings under the boat not being able to locate fish<G>).

on a side note, i was doing some family stuff that entailed a drive up whidbey island and we stopped at fort casey during the strong ebb current (running out of the sound). i stood on the bluff looking at that rip and it looked like picture perfect coho water. we walked down to the beach and talked to the bobber fishermen who were catching a few small silvers (biggest looked to be about 6 lbs... this was mid-oct.). does anyone flyfish this rip for silvers (shore or boat) and how do you do. just curious if the water types that kick serious ass at the entrance to the ocean are as productive inside puget sound, or if the coho somehow change in the water types they prefer as the get closer to their natal rivers?


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