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RE:Brats on the Sky

Doesn't surprise me. The hatchery rags in the Bogie and Sol Duc have weird unpredictable patterns too. Brian's point that they are late this year would make sense too. Just goes to show how inferior concrete tanks can be. I certainly hope this La Nina influence or whatever in the cosmos is causing all this doesn't increase the level of inter-breeding with natives.

I'd vote in favor of elimination of hatchery planting on the Skykomish provided the headwaters and tributaries could be adequately protected. Spawning channels would be acceptable.

Let meat fishermen go to the Cowlitz! BTW - as Brian will tell you that's where I go to put a few hatchery fillets in the smoker. Even though I have surrendered to the fact that the cow has been transformed, I still fish it with the dream of how it was as a major native steelhead factory before Mayfield and other damns were built. Just imagine what it must have been like! No BC stream had anything on a wild and native Cowlitz River.

Anyway, hope the hatchery fish were bonked and taken. Or as Haig-Brown said, throw it in the bushes.

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