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RE:Brats on the Sky

The word is that Everything has been really late this year - 2-3 weeks for all the Salmon and Steelhead runs. They were catching Coho in the Skagit in early February! And the Chums didn't die until late Dec/early January.

The usual designation of "late" for hatchery fish on the Sky is mid-late February. I used to see hatchery spawners in the back-eddys and slower pools around Two-Bit at that time. They're usually tailing off just as the C&R season starts, so yeah - this definitely qualifies as late.

These also could have been from smolt planted at one of the lower Sky plant sites (Lewis Street, etc)- if they're not caught, they roam around and try to spawn in the river since there are no collection traps set for them like at Reiter.
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