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Hmmm...I never really set and goals in stone at the begining of the season but I was determined to make some trips out to the Olympic Peninsula last winter/spring. Which I did, but not nearly as many as I would have liked plus I really wanted to make it out to the West End OP for summer-runs which I never did.

Wanted to explore the SF Sky for summer-runs. Found some water below the falls but none above.

Salterwater coho to the fly...mission complete! Thanks to Juro and DoubleSpey. Hooknose to the fly...mission failed!! Managed to hook 'em but yours truly here could not land them.

I keep searching for steelies with the surface fly with the goal of getting one to hand via the surface fly. Failed but recieved a great primer from Juro.

I've already got some goals in mind for next year.
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